According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, 66,703 people were injured in car crashes in 2016, 1,000 of which were fatal. When a driver is negligent, causing injury or death, the driver should be held accountable.  

Our office is experienced with motor vehicle crashes, pedestrian accidents, bus accidents, truck accidents, drunk drivers, uninsured claims, underinsured claims and defective auto parts.  Consultations are always free.  


According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, 1,867 people were injured in trucking crashes in 2016,  10 of which were fatal. While a truck driver may walk a away from a crash unharmed, often the driver of motor vehicle is severely injured or the crash is fatal.  A truck driver may be intoxicated, distracted, sleep deprived, or driving a negligently loaded trailer.  The tractor may be negligently maintained.   

Our office is experienced with trucking crashes.  Consultations are always free.  


As our loved ones require additional care, we trust our local nursing homes to to fill that need.  Abuse and neglect can occur for many reasons: understaffing, lack of training, putting profits before safety. 

Our office is experienced with trucking crashes.  Consultations are always free.  


Whether by a motor vehicle crash, work accident or defective product, for examples, surviving family members may seek compensation for medical expenses, loss of future earnings and loss of companionship.  


A product liability claim occurs when a manufacturing or design defect or a failure to warn causes injury or death.  When you buy a product, you have a rightful expectation as a consumer that you will be safe using that product.  


Have you been injured on another person's property?  A property owner is required by law to maintain their property in a safe condition. Did the owner know of the safety issue?  Should they have known of the safety issue?  Was the property maintained pursuant to building codes and municipal ordinances?  

Whether you slipped or tripped and fell, you've been exposed to lead, mold or other hazards, a balcony is defective, a stairway or other structure was not maintained, carpet or rugs were not maintained, you may have a claim.  


Medical professionals have a duty to provide safe medical treatment.  When a doctor fails to uphold his or her applicable standard of medical care and a person is injured or dies, one has a medical malpractice claim.  


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